• 24
  • November

The holidays are the time for gift giving. They can also be a time for going over one's budget or adding to one's credit card debt. When you go out shopping on Black Friday or throughout the holiday season, you should be able to enjoy yourself, find just what you're looking for and spend within your budget. To do so, it is best to have a little insight into the tricks retailers will use to try to get you to spend more at their store.

A fun and informative article that recently appeared in the Los Angeles Times helps you do just that. The article breaks down all the different factors that shoppers are facing when they stroll through the mall and reminds shoppers that they may be choosing to spend their money for reasons they don't even realize.

Retailers will appeal to a shopper's five senses to get them to buy things. If they are playing slow music, you might browse more slowly, put more in your basket, stay longer and spend more. If a retailer gives you cookies, it might not only bring you into the store, but it might make you hungry to buy things, too. The sense of touch is also powerful; if you touch something or try it on, you are more likely to want to buy it.

The article suggests to those who want to avoid spending too much money to pay with cash. Cash makes it easier to see that money is leaving your hands. People are also less likely to spend a larger bill, rather than several smaller bills. But be careful if you are carrying a few big bills around - don't set them down somewhere in the mall and forget about them while reaching for another cookie. Now, that would be a waste!


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