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Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and turning their life around, but this actually happened to one Florida man. Back in 2007, Jason Fry was not in a good financial position. While working hard at a 9-5 job to pay off his debt, he was still forced to consider his bankruptcy options on a daily basis. That all changed when a co-worker turned 18 and bought himself and Fry a lottery ticket.

Fry's lotto ticket was a winner, though he didn't spend his entire $14 million share of the net payout ($13 million went to the 18 year old who bought the ticket on a handshake, and Fry's share was again split down the middle in a post-jackpot divorce) in standard fashion. Part of his winnings went to the purchase of a Batteries Plus franchise in Bonita Springs, Florida. Since he purchased it in 2008, Fry has turned the location into the number one Batteries Plus franchise location in the United States. Fry has been so successful, he has purchased and opened a Naples location and, just this past week, a second Bonita Springs location just off U.S.41.

Fry is confident this is just the beginning. Batteries Plus has been around since 1985 and sells on average 50 million batteries per year. It's currently ranked as the number one franchise to buy into by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as by D&B AllBusiness.com. He's currently thinking of expanding to seven or eight more stores in the next decade.

Fry values his past experience working hard for little pay, claiming it allows him to find hard working employees who will represent Batteries Plus to the best of their abilities. From being on the brink of bankruptcy to owning franchise businesses throughout Florida, dreams apparently can come true.  

Source: NaplesNews.com "Lotto winner who bought Batteries Plus franchise opens Bonita Springs store" 9/20/10